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                      "When people respect diversity, they respect themselves."


Kimi Irene Ginn (formerly Kimi (Ginn) Rabun) hails from Tacoma, Washington where she was the first female and African American student body president at Wilson High School. She graduated with honors, received her BA in Education from Antioch College and completed graduate studies in Multicultural Education and Human Development at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA.


Kimi is a passionate educator and community focused individual who through both her professional experience and personal convictions remains true to her belief that "it is better to build a child rather than mend an adult". Among some of her professional achievements, she has served as the Northwest Area Director for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Director of the Seattle Coalition for Educational Equity (SCEE), Project Manager and Community Partnership Coordinator for the Seattle Public Schools, the Membership and Marketing Manager for Girl Scouts of Connecticut and Director for Vibrant Schools in Tacoma, Washington.


Kimi assisted in the establishment of the Book Patch, the children annex of the Grandstaff Memorial Library at Fort Lewis, WA. Under her leadership, the library's storytelling and summer reading programs were developed. It was here that she launched her storytelling career and continues today to delight people of all ages with her unique style of telling a great story. This talent is permeated also in her delivery of upbeat keynote addresses and engaging workshop presentations.


Kimi works closely with several schools, universities, counties, museums, human resource department, along with a wide range of associations and groups.  Kimi has extensive experience in both private and public sectors.  She knows how to put together an educational package that will inform as well as increase the skills of her professional peers and the community.  She is creative in her delivery and can develop a sense of purpose and fun as she presents her material.


She is an excellent communicator, and has been admired as one of the top 10 diversity consultants in the Pacific Northwest.


Opening the Doors to Positive Diversity.

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Diversity Training Tacoma, Diversity Services, Multicultural Education

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